Professional Hair Salon Services

Hair Coloring, Perms, Haircutting, and More!

The first step at True Colors Hair is a free consultation.  During the consultation the stylist will ask you what you want you want to do with your hair.  This is the time to discuss different ideas, and ask about options.  The Stylist will discuss the processes necessary to achieve your goal, and give you a final price before work starts.

Prices for colors and perms vary based on the length of your hair, the thickness of your hair, and the amount of processes necessary to achieve your 'look'.

If the prices shown below have a "+" next to them, then they are to be considered minimum prices, and a final price will be given at the consultation.

Unless other services are added from those discussed in the consultation, the consultation price will be final, even if additional appointments or processes are necessary to achieve the look quoted in the consultation!