About our Satisfaction Guarantee

Simply put, if our work was not done properly we will fix it or refund it!

In 2017 we did over 2000 colors!  We have a lot of experience, but with chemicals and human bodies, sometimes things don't go as expected.

Usually a fix is a simple matter of getting you back to the salon, and a fairly short appointment.  This is done at no additional charge.

If we can't fix it to your satisfaction, we will refund the price you paid.  But there are some simple things we ask of you to qualify...

First:  Do not color or cut your hair!

You could NOT buy a toaster, paint it black, then expect to take it back to the store for a refund...

So it is with your hair!

We cannot fix or refund hair that has been worked on by someone else, or covered up with dye.

Second:  Notify us of your unhappiness within 14 days.

Our Mission is to create happy clients!

You don't necessarily have to come see us within 14 days, but we must be notified there is a problem!  As soon as we receive notification, we will start working on a solution for you.  If you want to get your hair fixed or refunded, just tell us about the problem, and we will be happy to work with you!

Bad reviews left online are not an appropriate form of communication.

  Leaving a bad review, or threatening to do so, will terminate our relationship and invalidate our guarantee. 

Please...   If you are not happy, just talk to us...  Call, message, or Email us here!

That means constant improvement.  That is why we ask that in order for our improvement, we need to see what we did wrong.  If you live out of town, and cannot come in, we will need to see pictures.  That gives us the chance to learn from our mistakes. 

Sometimes dyed hair fades to quickly:  Call, Message or Email us!!

 If your color fades too quickly, contact us as soon as possible!  If you can come to the salon we can re-touch the color and bring it back.  If you live out of town, we have different options available.  Call us!

Colors fade for a variety of reasons.  Harsh shampoo, or hard water can do it.  As a rule, to maintain bright colors, you want to shampoo your hair as few times and as gently as possible, and to do it in cool water.   

If we do not think we can achieve what you want, we will tell you!

Sometimes people ask for thing which we know are very risky, or unlikely to be successful.   In that case we will give you a written notice that will say what we don't think will be possible or safe.  If we warn you that something may be unachievable, but you still want us to try, we will not guarantee the work.

If you accept the suggestion of an alternative look, we will guarantee that the work is well done, and looks good for what was requested in the alternate plan.  We will not accept the complaint that it is not the look originally requested.  If you decide to go with an alternate plan, you won't be able to change your mind back later. 

We cannot guarantee the impossible, and all things cannot be done with all hair.

Our mission is to enhance your beauty.  We do not want to gamble with your hair!

We can and do turn away clients who ask for services which we believe will damage their hair   Sometimes people get angry when we refuse to do something we think is foolish or dangerous.  We don't refuse service for any selfish reasons, actually the opposite is true..   We are a business and we get paid for doing hair; we do NOT get paid when we turn someone away!  Believe me, we want to do your hair!  But all things cannot be done with all hair!   

And above all, we do not want to damage it.